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No. 179 Prince Edward Road West is of Art Deco style, an influential style that blossomed in the 1930s in Europe which features an expression of decoration in a geometric manner and with an accent of lines. The prominent Art Deco style features are expressed both on the exterior and the interior with high aesthetic value. The front elevation emphasizes the verticality through the adoption of stepped vertical mouldings.  At the middle bay, the parapets are deliberately designed to be angled, while on the top is a stepped gable with a mast atop and a 'draped curtain' motif below, making this bay prominent and becomes the focus of the entire elevation.


The interior design of No. 179 Prince Edward Road West adopts a westernized approach demonstrating a high standard for well-off families, for instance the spatial organization reflects a clearly defined front and rear block designated for the main living area and rear servants’ quarters.  The westernized interior finishes and fittings also feature the Art Deco style, examples include fireplaces with geometric pattern on the metal hood and a streamlined surround with rounded edges, stepped picture rails, timber pelmets with pointed arrow pattern and checkered floor pattern on verandah, etc. are all kept intact and of high authenticity.


The 2/F of Hotel 1936 is restored showing the original interior setting and architectural elements of the flat and is now opened for guests to visit. For those who want to experience the uniqueness and aesthetic design of this historic place, spend an afternoon at our Heritage Gallery and enjoy the journey back to the gorgeous 30's!  Bon Voyage!







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  • Visitors must refrain from entering restricted areas.
  • Visitors are required to behave in an orderly and safe manner, shouting and charging around, which are not conducive to a safe and meaningful learning experience, are not permitted.
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  • No obscene or foul language or behaviour that disturbs other people.
  • The exhibition room reserves the right to terminate any visit in circumstances where visitors fail to comply with these house rules.

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(Gallery might be temporaily closed for maintenance works or due to emergency situations.  Guests are advised to check before visiting.)


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